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The sticky problem with the Navy Yard’s tape ‘Cocoon’ installation

Op-ed for The Philadelphia Inquirer

Last Saturday, a giant, interactive sculpture made entirely from tape opened at the Navy Yard. Created by the European arts collective Numen/For Use, Tape Philadelphia: Enter the Cocoon is the latest public art installation commissioned by the Navy Yard through the anonymous curators known as Group X. It’s an impressive feat of engineering as well as a visual and experiential spectacle. Unfortunately, it’s also a spectacle of environmental contamination...

Happy Accident Leads To a New Pair of Murals

Blog post (and photography) for Streets Dept

In August, two murals appeared in an alley off of South Street. Painted by artists Bear215 and Evan Lovett, they show an owl and a mouse sitting on some books. I love the warm colors and the way the artists hid their names on the spines of the books. But the best part might be the story behind them...

Joy and Sorrow at Midway Atoll

Blog post (and photography) for ScrapsKC

I stepped out of the plane’s cargo hold and was immediately flooded with blinding light and surrounded by disembodied voices. Exhausted, I didn’t know where I was supposed to go or what I was supposed to do. Eventually, I was whisked away into the warm midnight air on a stretch limo golf cart. But when it bumped off the airfield, everything else melted away, as my brain turned off every sense except for sight. What I saw in the headlights was incredible. There were huge birds—everywhere...

Use This Strategy To Land Your Dream Clients

Personal blog post

Got a dream client or employer you’ve been wanting to work with? Great! Me too! Ever felt like there’s no way it’ll ever happen? Yep, me too, again! Wondering why that second answer was so enthusiastic? Because I have a strategy for pursuing work I really care about...


Combo Pack Samples


Chaat and Chai Branding
(New Business Starter Kit Combo Pack)

Chaat and Chai, a colorful and well-reviewed Indian restaurant originally located in South Philly, moved to The Bourse in fall 2018. I helped the owner transform the sign from her original location into a fresh new logo that represents the spirit, culture, and decor of Chaat and Chai. And as a nod to the new location, I set the words “At The Bourse” in a Philly-specific typeface called… well, “Bourse!” More branding work, including a paper menu, coming soon.


Fair Share Style Guide
(The Complete Brand Experience Combo Pack)

Fair Share is a national nonprofit dedicated to economic advocacy. With permanent and temporary staff working on multiple campaigns distributed all across the country, maintaining a unified brand presentation is challenging. So I created the style guide below as a visual framework to ensure that every staff person knows how to present the brand and tell the story of Fair Share consistently.


Streets Dept Content Creation
(Feeding the Content Monster Combo Pack)

Streets Dept is a popular Philly-based blog about art in the public space run by Conrad Benner. A content-driven business, Streets Dept needs a constant stream of photos and stories—so Conrad and I worked out an ongoing content creation partnership. I photograph street art installations and walking tours, interview artists, write blog posts, design promotional event flyers, and even help build new income streams. Mouse over the slider below for more information about what's pictured, and see more of the blog content I've created here.


DormMania Event Coverage
(Event of the Year Combo Pack)

DormMania is a student-run, nonprofit organization at The College of William & Mary dedicated to waste reduction. I was in charge of creating a visual identity for DormMania ahead of the inaugural donation drive—one of two large annual events. Before the event, I designed promotional flyers, wayfinding materials, and the volunteer t-shirt. I also created original photo and video content for social media outreach. During the event, I photographed the amazing volunteers who helped bring the DormMania vision to fruition, and those photos continue to help DormMania recruit passionate students who want to help reduce landfill waste.