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My thing is helping other people do their thing.

I’ve always been wired to be a problem-solver. From cofounding a waste-reduction nonprofit at The College of William & Mary to restoring natural habitat on Midway Atoll, I’m always looking for ways to improve the world. That’s part of the reason I’ve never been interested in specializing—having more skills means I can solve more problems, more creatively. That’s why I named my business “Eric Dale Creative LLC.”

Eric Dale Creative is brought to you by... Philly.

In February 2015, I moved to Philadelphia to work in-house at a national nonprofit, doing design, messaging, copyediting, and photography. I then worked at a small communications agency, doing similar work in a more digital realm. By the time I decided to strike out on my own, I was in love with Philly. Street art, architecture, food, history, culture, Gritty… This city has it all! Philly inspires me every day and makes me feel at home as a creative partner.


When I say “creative partner,” I mean it.

I believe that holistic strategy leads to the best results—so I don’t work on assignments; I collaborate on projects. That means I wholeheartedly invest in the success of my clients. I pride myself on being flexible enough to help out with almost anything that needs to be done. In fact, the more diverse the work is, the happier I am!

Diversity of work; diversity of pastimes!

I volunteer at Bartram’s Garden Community Boathouse, I created an Instagram account called @tealadelphia, I do my best to stay up-to-date on new technology and marine plastic pollution research, and I could play Magic: The Gathering until the end of time. I also run a periodic street art scavenger hunt in Philly!

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"Eric was able to swoop in and save a project for us. He operated under an insanely tight deadline, stayed on budget, and communicated clearly throughout. Eric is a pleasure to work with: adaptive, friendly, creative, and humble. He understands the 'why' behind the 'what,' and acts accordingly. He surpassed my expectations, and I look forward to working together again!"

—Sophia Chitlik

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