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The Entrepreneur

Four weeks of hands-on coaching tailored specifically to your needs

This package is a four-week coaching intensive. Each weekday, I will send you personalized exercises or strategy recommendations to discuss. We will meet by video chat or phone once a week, and I will be available to you for additional questions. Here's what you'll walk away with:

  • a mission statement and vision statement that will guide you and your business

  • a compelling value proposition that will help you attract clients or customers

  • a concise elevator pitch that explains what you do in a way that people will understand and remember

  • an engaging brand story that will help you connect with your clients or customers

  • a set of goals that will plot your course forward

  • a strategic plan that will help you achieve those goals

  • a clearer understanding of yourself, your work, and your value

Are you ready to level up your career?

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Take the next step with me!

To get started with the Entrepreneur Package, complete this form.

The Entrepreneur Package costs $4,000. How would you like to pay?

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“When I was considering a transition from a traditional 9–5 to a creative career, Eric helped me distill my disparate ideas into a coherent vision of success. His detailed and thoughtful feedback helped identify strengths I had never considered, pre-empted difficulties I was likely to encounter, and assisted in setting down the building blocks of a new career. Eric provided tremendous value.” —J.T. Fales, musician, DJ, and owner of Niftyist

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