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Upgrade your communication with a full-service creative partner.

That’s me! I help nonprofits, small businesses, and individuals
tell beautiful stories and cultivate strong brands by creating the visual ingredients they need:

  • design (logos, graphics, printed materials)

  • photography (events, portraits, locations)

  • writing (web copy, display copy, marketing)

  • you name it (websites, videos, Snapchat filters)

"I initially hired Eric to shoot some photography, but he quickly and thoughtfully showed me other ways that his skillset could benefit various aspects of my work. From graphic design to editing, Eric is now an integral part of Streets Dept. I can't recommend Eric more highly!"

—Conrad Benner, founder of

When you've got a dependable, creative teammate in your back pocket, elevating your brand is a piece of cake. And with retainers and nonprofit discounts available, your investment goes a long way.

Let's get started!

Get the ball rolling by emailing me some information about your project. I respond quickly, but in the mean time, check out some of the customized solutions I've created for my other clients:

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