I'm now offering career coaching!

Are you creative and driven? Then you may be discovering, as I did, that “build it and they will come” doesn’t quite cut it when you're blazing your own path.


A few years ago, I realized that my personal brand was kind of a mess. I wasn’t attracting the clients and projects I found most interesting, and I was generally feeling unsure of my direction. So I created a personal business retreat for myself. I holed up for a short, but focused, period of time and read, wrote, thought, strategized, and did some serious introspection. Making space to think creatively about the big picture allowed me to figure out where I should take my career and how I could get it there. I set concrete goals, and I charted a path to achieve them.


In the year that followed, not only did I achieve those goals and grow my business, but I also noticed a pattern: I kept having conversations with people in similar situations. People who knew they were ready to take the next step in their careers, but were at a loss for how exactly to go about it. And they kept telling me that it was really helpful to talk through their ideas with me and get my advice.


I really enjoyed these conversations! Which made sense in light of one particular statement that I had written down during my retreat: “my thing is helping other people do their thing.” These career conversations with friends and acquaintances made me realize that asking constructive questions is one of my strengths. That’s why I decided to turn my ability to creatively strategize into something that could help more people.

The Bootstrapper


Gain access to 12 self-guided coaching exercises and work through them on your own without personalization or strategy advice.

The Entrepreneur


Get four weeks of hands-on coaching tailored specifically to your needs, including exercises, resources, recommendations, and one-on-one strategy discussions.

The Startup

from $700

Secure ongoing, open-ended coaching support: everything in The Entrepreneur plus research support and extra one-on-ones.

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"Eric dove into learning the ins and outs of my business while helping me figure out my own personal strengths and weaknesses. He customized our sessions to my specific style of learning and helped me come up with long-term skills and strategies to optimize my efficiency and help my business grow. Eric is an invaluable asset!" —Nicole Nikolich, Lace in the Moon