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The Bootstrapper

12 self-guided exercises that any creative professional can benefit from

This package consists of 12 Google Docs that will help you reflect on your work and plan your next moves. Thoroughly researched and tested, these exercises address the aspects of career growth that are most useful to creative people like you. Among other things, you will:

  • pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses

  • write compelling mission and vision statements

  • set meaningful and achievable goals

  • identify and mitigate threats to your career

  • craft a powerful value proposition that attracts business

  • construct a strategic plan to guide your next steps

Here's some more great news: If you buy this package and later decide that you want the full, hands-on coaching experience, I'll subtract the cost of The Bootstrapper from whichever other coaching package you select!

To purchase the Bootstrapper Package, complete this form.

The Bootstrapper costs $135. How would you like to pay?

Great! I'll email you instructions and an access link shortly.

"Eric's exercises were an invaluable asset in helping me redesign my brand messaging and website."

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